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Ballarat Photographer, Photography Ballarat, Event Photography, Media Photography
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Wedding Photography Ballarat, Event Photography, Ballarat Commercial Photography, Conference Photography

Please note:
At present we are no longer doing any commercial work, portraiture or weddings - future committments will definitely be honoured - sorry for any inconvenience. We are still doing one on one tuition and training and group tours and selling prints.

At Ballarat Photography, our standards are exceptional and we want to make sure that you receive the same high standard of work that we are renowned for.

Whether it is your wedding day or your home or your business, we know that you will be proud of the images that we present to you, your clients and family and friends.

Especially with Ballarat Commercial Photography, we fully understand the power and sway of high quality photography and how it can make a big difference to your sales.

Ballarat photographer, Peter Kervarec, is the owner of Ballarat Photography and will ensure that your images will be the best they can be to help maximise your sales and services.

In this competition rich environment, your company will require outstanding images to stand out from the crowd.

When we complete your photography brief, your products, your services and your business will be visually at the highest level of presentation possible.

My credentials:

My main areas of expertise are Wedding and Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Macro and Bird Photography. Image editing and professional image presentation.

One on One Photography Anytime ! Learn photography in Ballarat or anywhere locally using all the controls of your DSLR camera and translate that into practical situations. Just you and me and you receive 35 years of photographic experience and knowledge. Ask me anything. I am a full time Professional Photographer with daily and weekly assignments and have been for the past 30 years.

One on One Adobe Photoshop  I have been using Adobe Photoshop for 20 years this year ! So you've taken the image and now you want to get the best out of it ! Email me now. I love Photoshop for its ability to tailor an image exact how you want !

Commercial Photography - Consultancy and Company and Product Photography recently I was asked to help set up a studio and lighting for a Ballarat Company that wanted to do its own photography. This was achieved successfully and this company now has saved thousands of dollars by photographing its products and updating them for brochures, catalogues and websites. Happy to help.


Ballarat Wall Mural Photography and Wall Art is also a specialty, this is just one example of what we can do for you:

I have photographed all over the World including USA, New Zealand, South America and large tracts of Australia

If you want to learn photography in Ballarat, or want to have a photography class, I also conduct private tuition and have worked with Government Departments, Schools and Organisations.

At Ballarat Photography, we photograph your lives and events beautifully - portrait, wedding and commercial photography we love ! 

Ballarat event, media and website photography specialists, here are three recent website photography clients:

Have a look at our impressive past clients list here: Client List

We can meet you on location, before any photography and discuss and plan your exact wants. We know Ballarat intimately and there are some spectacular locations for photography in Ballarat and District.

You will be pleased with Ballarat Photography - our standards and work ethic are high as are the quality of images that we produce.

We also offer a legal and confidential litigation photography service where we have photographed private images for Ballarat legal firms.

If you want to see some really great photography, have a quick look at my non commissioned photographic work on my Facebook page where you will see my experience shine through in all areas of photography: Peter Kervarec Facebook Photography 

Ballarat Photography Class Tuition Courses

With Industrial, Mining, Construction and Worksite Photography, we have our own high visibility work wear, safety shoes, safety glasses, ear protection and construction quality hard hats and have been inducted onto many worksites. We are familiar with worksite safety and protocol and that is our No 1 priority on site. 

Ballarat Photography Mining Media Events

Real Estate Photography

We also specialize in high end boutique Real Estate Photography with our highest selling property to date at $22 million, so we know from experience what images sell your property.

Wedding Photography

Ballarat Photographer Eurambeen Cave Hill Creek Wedding

As a Ballarat Wedding Photographer, our wedding photography takes us to many wedding venues - the whole Ballarat District, including Daylesford, the Pyrenees and Grampians, Wineries, Central Victoria, Echuca, Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula and the Yarra Valley, to lovely venues such as Tangled Maze, Eurambeen Historical Homestead, Cave Hill Creek, Beaufort and St Annes Winery, Myrniong, to name just a few excellent venues.

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Ballarat Family Photography 

Our Portrait Photography includes family groups, family reunion photography, couples and individuals on location at specially chosen local cameo spots. Natural bushland, rocks, gardens or architecture are features of these locations. This is very personal photography and one of my favourites.

Landscape and Gallery Photography Wall Murals Wall Art and Photographic Banners, Canvas Art, Woodmount and Acrylic

Ballarat Lake Wendouree Canvas Print Wall Art Mural

Ballarat Photography Landscape Panorama Scene

Landscape photography also makes up a large proportion of our photography. These works are purchased by the public and organizations alike either directly from us or through galleries and online. Landscape photography is a continual work in progress so consequently our works are always changing.

Our credentials:

PS: Included in all our packages is a lifetime of photographic experience and local area knowledge.

All images and text on this website are Copyright - Peter Kervarec